Illustration Compositing Techniques

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Illustration Compositing Techniques
Lynda – Illustration: Compositing Techniques
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Genre: eLearning Level: Intermediate Language: English
Add flexibility to your illustration process by exploring digital compositing—combining whole or partial drawings into a single, adjustable illustration.
Add flexibility to your illustration process by exploring digital compositing—combining whole or partial drawings into a single, adjustable illustration. Comic illustrator and digital artist Daniel Lieske shows you how to make composites and achieve great results in this course. Daniel demonstrates how to merge several components, from objects and backgrounds to more complex elements like light, color, and reflections. This hands-on course goes beyond classic illustration techniques to help you expand your creative process and even handle rendering of challenging lighting effects including ambient light, sunlight, bounce light, and specular highlights.
Topics include:
* Working with the preliminary drawing
* Using mask layers
* Adjusting ambient light
* Painting and adjusting sunlight
* Introducing color
* Rendering figures and the sky
* Adding bounce light
* Adding specular highlights
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Illustration Compositing Techniques
545699_01_01_XR30_composing_lightsources.psd (6.5 MB)
545699_01_02_XR30_composing_color.psd (6.9 MB)
545699_01_03_XR30_composing_specular_highlights.psd (6.8 MB)
545699_02_01_XR30_preliminary_drawing.psd (4.9 MB)
545699_02_02_XR30_creating_mask_layers.psd (3.7 MB)
545699_02_03_XR30_using_mask_layers.psd (4.9 MB)
545699_02_04_XR30_painting_the_ambient_light.psd (4.9 MB)
545699_02_05_XR30_adjusting_the_ambient_light.psd (16.1 MB)
545699_02_06_XR30_painting_the_sunlight_head.psd (14.6 MB)
545699_02_07_XR30_painting_the_sunlight_body.psd (13.5 MB)
545699_02_08_XR30_painting_the_sunlight_background.psd (15.0 MB)
545699_02_09_XR30_adjusting_the_sunlight.psd (21.8 MB)
545699_02_10_XR30_introducing_color.psd (24.3 MB)
545699_02_11_XR30_rendering_the_figure.psd (22.6 MB)
545699_02_12_XR30_rendering_the_sky.psd (23.5 MB)
545699_03_01_XR30_bounce_light.psd (32.9 MB)
545699_03_02_XR30_reflections.psd (33.0 MB)
Illustration_Compositing_Variations.psd (6.8 MB)
001 Welcome.mp4 (24.5 MB)
002 Composing light sources.mp4 (12.5 MB)
003 Composing color.mp4 (8.0 MB)
004 Composing highlights.mp4 (19.7 MB)
005 Preliminary drawing.mp4 (10.0 MB)
006 Creating mask layers.mp4 (16.0 MB)
007 Using the mask layers.mp4 (12.3 MB)
008 Painting the ambient light.mp4 (33.3 MB)
009 Adjusting the ambient light.mp4 (9.0 MB)
010 Painting the sunlight, part 1 – Head.mp4 (22.7 MB)
011 Painting the sunlight, part 2 – Body.mp4 (32.4 MB)
012 Painting the sunlight, part 3 – Background.mp4 (24.3 MB)
013 Adjusting the sunlight.mp4 (7.5 MB)
014 Introducing color.mp4 (25.0 MB)
015 Rendering the figure.mp4 (22.5 MB)
016 Rendering the sky.mp4 (10.5 MB)
017 Adding bounce light.mp4 (6.6 MB)
018 Adding specular highlights.mp4 (9.0 MB)
019 Compositing variations.mp4 (10.4 MB)
020 Farewell to the audience.mp4 (1.9 MB)

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